Your Lot:

You must first decide on a lot or acreage tract and contractually hold it for the duration of The Process. The lot/land you choose dictates the layout and design. When you have your land, you can begin to design the home of your dreams.  What you Dream, We can Build. We have no boundaries for what you can imagine.


The First Budget:

You meet with the Builder to determine your budget goal and square footage needs. Drawings, pictures, or potential floor plans of your home are all reviewed at this time. Selection of a base design will be achieved.


Meet with the Designer:

You can choose your own or meet with ours. Presentation of your dream home drawings will give the Designer your intentions. Designer fees and payment schedule are determined at this meeting. Typically, cost is determined on an estimated square footage basis. 


House Plans:

A three-step procedure, typically 30 to 60 days, begins with the Designer developing Introductory, Preliminary, and Final plans. Floor plans and front elevations can be marked up and changed by you. Your attention to the detail of the design is very important. We will assist with ideas and solutions to keep you in budget and on track with your lot/land contract. Plans will be in sync with professional craftsmen for compliance to all government codes and insurance requirements. Clean, accurate plans are essential for a harmonious build process.



During Item #4, you will also be positioning your construction loan and possible long-term mortgage loan. Many Lenders offer a one time closing that can save you money. We are an approved builder with most local banks who offer this package to you based on your credit information. We offer referrals or can assist the Lender of your choice.


Final Budget:

With your Final Plans, we now create the Final Budget. It is important we are both on the same page with the same expectations. This will involve meeting with specific craftsmen to insure your budget reflects the level of the home you desire.


Final Contract:

You sign the Final Contract with the Builder. With the contract signed, we begin with a pre-start meeting and provide you with a book to outline the Build Process. The book gives your timelines for selections as well as construction expectations. We guide you through these procedures to promote quality construction.


Your Home Construction:

Communication is essential for this phase of The Process. We establish contact with you as often as you like to keep you in-tune to our progress. We strive to be on-site at least 6 times a day so the paper plans you have made are done right the first time, every time.


Final Closing:

The home has been completed, certified for occupancy, punch list finished, and you will then move in to live in your new dream home happily ever after.


We join with you in The Process to insure your goals are met. The Process can be a lot of fun. You will be creating your own home from ink to reality. With the right Builder, your Dreams and Imagination are within reach. With you, we can make it happen.

The Process